Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers

Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers, Pharma Grade Powdered Sugar, Pharmaceutical Sugar and Pulverized Sugar in India

One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical grade sugar, sucrose bp, and sugar for syrup and tablet manufacturing in Gujarat, India is Dhanraj Sugars Pvt Ltd.  Pharmaceutical grade sugar can be manufactured from cane beets or sugar itself. This is the purest form of sugar, free of sulphur and heavy toxic materials such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. There are only a few technical people who can provide pharmaceutical grade sugar technical know-how. Very few people work in the organised sector producing pharmaceutical grade sugar. Its market demand is growing at a reasonable annual rate. India has raw material plants. Pharmaceutical grade sugar has a potential export market. This is a good product with potential for new entrepreneurs.

Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers
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