India’s SUCROSE USP exporter

* Pure Organic Sugar is available from India’s Sugar Supplier. However, Pharma Grade Sugar I Sucrose IP/BP/EP/USP/JP and (ii) Sucrose AR & LR] and Specialist Sugar I Sugar cubes (ii) Sugar sachets] are not allowed to be exported (white & brown) iii) Castor sugar; iv) Demerara sugar; v) Light brown sugar; vii) Fondant icing sugar (viii) (ix) Candy sugar (x) Rainbow sugar (xi) Pearl sugar and (xii) Trimoline (invert sugar)] Kathali sugar (ix) Candy sugar (x) Rainbow sugar (xi) Pearl sugar and (xii) Trimoline (invert sugar)] would be exempt from the requirement to register.



SUCROSE USP exporter

Manufacturer, supplier, importer, dealer, distributor, trader, exporter of high quality Aminocaproic acid BP, Sugar USP pharma grade that is used in pharma intermediate, catalyst, bulk drugs, apish, pharma chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, additives, contract manufacturing, textile, chemical compound for pharmaceutical and chemicals process industry at best price.

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